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Tel Aviv

School for Biographical Counselling and work with Karma

בית ספר כחותם להכשרת מטפלים בייעוץ ביוגרפי

Orna Ben Door - founder of the training

About 'Hotam' School

'Hotam' School was founded as a response to the mental and spiritual needs we all hold in our hearts.

Especially in this era, when modern man’s life is at a highly demanding and crazy pace, the primordial aspiration arises once again, to find a comprehensive answer to the questions with which we, as individuals, are struggling.

On our way to self fulfillment: Who am I? What is my destiny in life? What do the crises and the anguish mean and how do I enlist them to grow and develop? What do my relationships with people and my childhood mean? How do I get free of everything that encumbers me to proceed towards a life that is more fulfilling and complete?

''Hotam' School offers a way back to our true essence, a way home to self-realization and joy.

The teaching staff at the school consist of people for whom the search for truth is their guiding principle, people who dedicate their  lives to their development and to helping others.

What makes this school unique is that the therapeutic work is active spiritual awareness. It isn’t performed on people from outside, bypassing consciousness (as with channeling and hypnosis etc.). This work guides the forces of the soul and man’s conscious mind, giving tools for self-development that empower and augment his strength and personality.

For whom are these studies attended?

*Anyone for whom questions about the meaning of life and its significance, are an integral part of their existence.

* Anyone who is curious to be exposed to the knowledge that has been considered esoteric till now.

* Those for whom the aspiration and yearning to be closer to the world of soul and spirit, never fades.

* Parents of children who wish to profoundly understand the developmental stage of their children.

* People who in midlife have stopped asking ‘why’ and are now asking -what for’?